Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Daily attendance and arriving to school on time are key factors that affect high levels of student achievement and success. Although there are times when students must be absent; students are required to be in attendance every day and on time.  The State of Indiana expects your child to be in school at least 95% of the time.  In a 180-day school year, this means that no child should miss more than nine days of school.  It is extremely important that your child comes to school and is on time each and every day.  Arriving late is not acceptable.  We are trying to prepare children for the real world; and in the real world of work, employees are expected to be present and on time. We know that there are days when a child cannot attend school due to illness, when this is the case parents are expected to call the school to inform us that the student will not be in attendance and the reason why.   We are asking for the full cooperation of parents to ensure that your children are in school and on time.  Below is a snapshot of the Attendance Guidelines for Franklin Elementary School.

1. After the student has missed 3 (three) unexcused school days or had 3 (three) tardies, teachers will begin the referral process by contacting the parent/guardian to inform of absences/tardies.

2. After the student has missed 5 (five) unexcused school days or had 5 (five) tardies, the teacher will contact the parent and submit a referral to Ms. Ellis. A conference may be scheduled with parents. If support is needed a referral to Geminus Community Partners may be made.

3. After the student has missed 8 (eight) unexcused school days or had 8 (eight) tardies, A support option will be given to parents through Geminus Community Partners.  This also may result in your child being retained.

4. After 10 (ten) unexcused school days or 10 (ten) tardies, A referral will be made to CPS for educational neglect.